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Client Side Credit Card Data Tokenization

There is a constant battle raging in the world of web application security. Hackers around the world are always finding new ways to steal credit card data from web applications, while payment gateways and software developers are always working to find better ways to protect the data. It is important for every programmer and software product owner to keep up with current trends in software security and regularly update their software applications payment functionality as new advances occur. One of the more recent advances is to move away from using server side integrations with the payment gateway to tokenize credit card data, and start using JavaScript libraries provided by the payment gateways themselves to tokenize the credit card data on the client side. 

Modernizing Legacy Software

One of the biggest challenges that software developers face is keeping up with the constant innovations and advancements in the industry. New programming languages and methodologies are continuously emerging. New frameworks and architectural patterns are constantly being developed to solve new problems that we didn't even know we had 20 years ago. The ongoing enhancements in browser capabilities, phone capabilities, and user interface libraries enable us to improve user experience by creating more intuitive and efficient interfaces. Hackers never let up on their mission to find new vulnerabilities and develop creative ways to exploit them. Amidst all of these things, learning and applying new skills is not a choice for software developers, but a necessity for survival. Remaining stagnant in your knowledge doesn't mean your are maintaining your position. It means you are becoming obsolete and increasingly vulnerable to the rapid changes unfolding around you.