Our Process



We start by learning everything we can about your software idea. We learn about your business model, your industry, and what differentiates you from your competition. We help you fine tune your idea into something that is realistic, usable, and marketable.


Our product design team will create an interactive mockup of your applications user interface. We use this mockup to flush out the idea as much as possible and to quickly give you a clear picture of how your software will work. This allows everyone involved to feel confident that we are on the right track and reduces costly re-writes of functionality during the development phase.


Once the design is approved, our programmers get to work bringing the application to life. We write code in small increments and demo each increment to you as it is completed.


Every function of the application is rigorously tested by our quality assurance team. Bugs are logged, fixed, and the functionality retested until everyone is satisfied that the product is ready for launch.


Success! Your completed application is deployed to production. We monitor each production release closely to ensure we can quickly address any issues that were not found during the testing process.